• The Self-Care Challenge (eBook + guide)

The Self-Care Challenge (eBook + guide)


Change your life with small changes that yield big results.

Do you know exactly what you need to do to improve your health? Odds are you don’t and your self-care routine is suffering or non-existent as a result: 

  • Less than 3% of people are living a healthy lifestyle
  • Over 80% of people are confused about what healthy living is
  • Tens of millions of people worldwide die from preventable conditions

The Self-Care Challenge is a minimalist well-being program that clears up the confusion and helps you make relatively small lifestyle changes that bring about significant improvements to your health.

The holistic program taught in the 65-page book is built around 12 topics that correspond to 12 of the most important elements of health and wellness. Each topic offers an easy and efficient action plan for setting and achieving moderate goals. The book also comes with a Self-Care Companion Guide which includes further resources and notes.

Health Pillars

Pillar 1: Eat Healthy
Pillar 2: Hydrate Enough
Pillar 3: Sleep Better
Pillar 4: Move Regularly
Pillar 5: Manage Stress
Pillar 6: Avoid Vices
Pillar 7: Get Checkups
Pillar 8: Stay Safe

Wellness Pillars

Pillar 9: Be Mindful
Pillar 10: Pursue Purpose
Pillar 11: Create Balance
Pillar 12: Nurture Relationships

The content draws from both mainstream and alternative concepts and therapies, for an integrative approach to enhancing your physical and mental health. Moreover, the program is built on science-backed studies derived from reputable health and wellness authorities.

Do you want to merely survive ... or thrive?

Modern times have brought us modern conveniences that have improved our lives in many ways — but not without tradeoffs. As a result, self-care is a dilemma for millions of people — and the available body of knowledge only causes confusion that often leads to harmful actions with good intentions — or worse, inaction.

With this book you’ll be empowered to take action and exert control over the factors that impact your well-being with: 

  • An integrative roadmap for managing all aspects health and wellness

  • A clear and concise set of science-backed recommendations for healthy living

  • A set of step-by-step action plans for each of the health and wellness pillars

You can even read this FREE article here as a prelude to the book.

Author A. Edmond is a personal growth coach, business and brand strategist, creative entrepreneur and digital influencer. She has over a decade of personal and professional development experience and has hundreds of individual and business clients. She specializes in designing your life and building a growth mindset. In total her work at minimalism.co and her other platforms has touched the lives of over 1 million readers.