• P.MAI is a California-based brand that creates sophisticated, functional products for work, play, and travel. We believe everyone should be comfortable and confident—without sacrificing style. We first launched with backpacks because that's where we felt there was a huge need, combining equal parts style and utility into bags perfect for today’s modern citizen. We represent a sensible approach to fashion and focus on simple, classy touches.

    Today, we continue to expand on lifestyle products that follow our philosophy of designing beautiful, useful products. We are proud to adapt to changing environments, and work hard to ensure we can bring you the best of form and function. Our goal is to help simplify, edit, and beautify the things we use.

  • Behind the Symbol

    Behind the Symbol

    Our logo, an abstract phoenix, reflects the power and grace of today's modern women. In Asian culture, the phoenix is considered a female entity that represented important virtues such as loyalty, honesty, and justice. These values were core to our brand from the very beginning. In fact, our founder's name, Phuong, means "phoenix" and Mai translates to "tomorrow" in Vietnamese.

    Like the phoenix, P.MAI brings a fiery passion to life—unbridled and unafraid of what tomorrow brings. For even in darkness, against the odds and challenges we may face, we will rise again.