Meet Violet

This clean kit uses 12 powerful UV-C LED lights to kill 99.99% of bacteria and common germs. Watch our How-To video here:


Below are instructions on how to use it:

  1. Place your items inside the kit (e.g., phone, keys, and wallet).
  2. Insert the magnetic tab through the center loop inside to ensure the light will not leak. The kit will not turn on unless this tab is securely through the loop. You may want to press the top part of the lid down and straighten the sides of the bag to make sure it's secure.
  3. Zip the zipper all the way around the kit and ensure it is fully closed.
  4. Connect the USB cable to the power cord via the micro USB connection. Ensure it is flushed and make note that one edge is flat while the other has a subtle curvature.
  5. Connect the USB cable end into the power adapter and plug it into a standard US outlet. Note: Our kit uses 5V/2A power for optimized sterilization. Other power adapters may be weaker (e.g., iPhone 5V/1A) and not compatible, so use ours!
  6. Click the start button once to turn on the kit. The button will light up very dimly.
  7. Click the button a second time to activate the UV light.
  8. Sterilization takes ~3 minutes to complete. The violet light will turn off automatically. You can always stop the sterilization by either unplugging the kit and/or by pulling out the magnetic tab.