1. The nylon and poly fabrics used in the collection feature a water-resistant coating and backing, and can be cleaned by dabbing a moistened, soft neutral-colored cloth. Do not machine wash or tumble dry a P.MAI product.
  2. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes, and make-up products. Do not use products meant for other uses, such as shoe polish, turpentine, oil or stain removers, alcohols, liquid detergents or solvents on the leather.
  3. If you happen to spill something inside the bag, the best way to clean the interior lining is first to soak up as much of the spill with paper towels. Then mix a solution of warm water with a mild detergent like dishsoap and apply with a soft clean cloth, rubbing gently on the stain and then using clean water to remove the sudsy solution.
  4. Pull the lining inside out of the bag (away from the bottom) so it can dry. If the stain is especially stubborn, it may help to dab the stain with a 1/3 vinegar+ 2/3 water solution. Rub gently and use clean water to remove. If it still lingers, then it may help to use a tiny bit of of laundry detergent with cool water and using the same rubbing technique. 



  1. Size the mask to the crown of your head with two stop knots. Set the knots just one time to your size. The mask will fit without slipping off!
  2. We recommend washing the mask before wearing for the first time.
  3. Per the CDC Guidelines: Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing your mask and wash hands immediately after removing. Masks should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use. A washing machine should suffice in properly washing a face covering. You can also use our Violet Clean Kit to disinfect your mask using ultraviolet light.
  4. Machine wash cold and machine dry low to normal.
  5. We recommend ironing for crisp folds after each wash and dry.
  6. The original centerfold at the nose and chin give you maximum comfort and breathable space.
  7. Do not bleach.