• Journa Tech USB Charger Crossbody Case
  • Journa Tech USB Charger Crossbody Case
  • Journa Tech USB Charger Crossbody Case
  • Journa Tech USB Charger Crossbody Case

Journa Tech USB Charger Crossbody Case

Our friends and sisterbrand at Journa design elevated tech and travel essentials for individuals en route. Explore Journa for stylish accessories that support your life in motion.

Keep your phone handy but keep your hands free with a stylish minimalist crossbody case by Journa.

Need to keep your hands free while on-the-go but still want to have your phone conveniently within reach? Tired of panicking because your phone battery starts running low while you are out and about?

Introducing the world’s first USB crossbody case available exclusively at Journa. This minimalist wearable technology complements any style — from work to weekend, formal to casual — and features a sturdy and adjustable black cord with brushed metal hardware that conceals a USB charger.

The clear acrylic case fits snugly and is crafted from anti-shock and scratch-resistant material with reinforced corners and raised edges to protect your phone from smudges, nicks and drops.

The braided cord feels lightweight but is made from a high-quality yarn technology that is resistant to wear, water and dirt. It also features brushed metal hardware that conceals and protects a USB charger so you never have to worry about your phone dying again.

The cord connects to the case and can be worn in front over the neck, on the side as a crossbody, or in any other style you can think of.

No more losing your phone because you accidentally left it sitting somewhere. No more rummaging through your bag trying to dig your phone out to make a call. No more hiding your sleek phone in an unattractive case just to protect it. No more stressing out because your phone is about to die.

  • Sturdy Polypropylene multifilament fiber/PPM (cord)
  • Soft Thermoplastic Polyurethanes/TPU (case)
  • Minimal brushed metal hardware
  • Hidden USB technology (under patent)
  • Select your phone model for a perfect case fit
  • Lightweight, adjustable cord ensures comfortable wear