Origami Cotton Face Mask - Stone (2-pack) Origami Cotton Face Mask - Stone (2-pack)

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Comfortable fit
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Two pack! These Organic Cotton Face Masks feature a double layer origami design that provides a tailored fit and comfortable breathability. These masks are sewn from a tightly woven 10 oz preshrunk 100% organic cotton canvas for better filtration of microbials. You can use the interior lining to insert a disposable filter such as paper towel, coffee filter or PM2.5 filter.

It features an adjustable head and neck strap made from a braided cotton cord that minimizes pressure on the ears. Plus, you can fold it on half to keep it clean, while hanging it around your neck so you never forgot your mask while you're out and about.

Designed by àplat, the production was made through a zero waste design process from offcuts, and sewn with care and love in our beloved San Francisco.

*For personal use only. Our masks are NOT a substitute for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved. Please refer to CDC guidelines on how to protect yourself.

Not eligible for return or exchange. All sales are final for hygienic reasons. AKA no take-backsies.

  • Comfortable over the head adjustable braided cotton cord
  • Form fitting design - one size fits most
  • Durable double-layer construction
  • Zero waste design made from offcuts
  • Wash before use and after each use
  • Area to insert a disposable filter (paper towel or coffee filter)
  • Hand sewn with care in San Francisco
  • U.S. Patent Pending 29/739,249
  • Pre-shrunk 100% GOTS certified organic duck cotton 
  • Durable, high-quality, high-density 10oz canvas 
  • 100% plastic and elastic free 
  • 100% biodegradable, zero elastic or plastic
  • Mask measures approximately 9.75” in width and the center band is 2.75” in height. Top and bottom flaps extend up to 2" to cover the nose and chin.
  • Each mask is handmade, there may be a few centimeters of variance between masks.
  • The thickness of the braided cotton cords may also vary slightly due to shortages of raw materials.
  • We recommend you hot iron press after each wash and dry. The original centerfold at the nose and chin give you maximum comfort and breathable space.
  • Size the mask to the crown of your head with two stop knots. Set the knots just one time to your size. The mask will fit without slipping off!
  • Per the CDC Guidelines: Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing your mask and wash hands immediately after removing. Masks should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use. A washing machine should suffice in properly washing a face covering. You can also use our Violet Clean Kit to disinfect your mask using ultraviolet light.
  • Machine wash cold and machine dry low to normal.
  • We recommend ironing for crisp folds after each wash and dry.
  • The original centerfold at the nose and chin give you maximum comfort and breathable space.
  • Do not bleach.